WWWorkspace is a web based Java integrated development environment (IDE) built on top of Eclipse. It allows you to carry your workspace around with you and code from any computer with a web browser. This project was completed in 2007 for my BEng in computer science at the University of Edinburgh. The accompanying dissertation can be downloaded from here. For those that keep messaging me, this site is not live as I do not have the means to host it.

The Project

I have received many requests to make this project open source, or to commercialise it, that I have finally got my act together and made it available for use and further development. A number of people are working on extending WWWorkspace, and many are using it to make their code available remotely using their personal machine as a server. I am available to consult on the project and answer any questions but please be aware that I am unavailable to devote large amounts of time to this project due to work commitments.


This download contains ALL files necessary to run WWWorkspace, including the Jetty server, Eclipse plugins and DOJO javascript library. The setup is *very* easy since it is all contained within Eclipse. Simply import the projects, hit run, and WWWorkspace becomes available on your local machine. A few tweaks to your firewall settings and the service becomes available remotely!

Download version 1.0 (95MB)

Installation Instructions

1. Download WWWorkspace.zip
2. Download Eclipse version 3.2.2 (I have not had time to fix up the code such that it works on newer versions of Eclipse).
3. Start Eclipse and create a new workspace.
4. File >> Import >> Existing Projects into Workspace
5. Select Archive File then browse to the downloaded WWWorkspace.zip
6. Select all directories apart from "P1" and then Finish
7. There should be no errors in the workspace. If there are, make sure the Java compiler is set to compliance level 5.0 or later (via Window >> Preferences)
8. Open FileSystem.java and change the String variable "ECLIPSE_INSTALLATION_PATH" to the location of your Eclipse 3.2.2 installation
9. Create a new launch configuration: Run >> Run ... Then create a new Equinox OSGi Framework launch configuration (the default settings of the configuration should be fine) giving it the name WWWorkspace. Press Apply then Run. You should see the osgi framework in the console activating the HTTP Server
10. Using Firefox (other browsers not currently supported), go to http://localhost/files/login.html and login with username willryan and password pass and you're ready to go!


Known bugs and requests for additional features can currently be found in the appendix of my dissertation.

This software is released under the GPL. This software is used at your own risk and comes with no guarantees. Please keep me informed of areas you are working on at will AT willryan DOT co DOT uk.